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Micha Kühne

Vice President Division Healthcare



Wolf Köke

Senior Sales Manager Healthcare

+41 33 439 68 68


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Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD), Dosiertechnik, Verpackungsmaschinen

RD 06 - Simplicity meets Precision

To specifically support COVID-19 research and for lab-scale manufacturing operations, Rychiger Healthcare have streamlined and further developed the RD-06. The RD 06 is designed to fill and seal molecular diagnostic, microbiology or clinical chemistry cassettes or cartridges and enables lab-scale production with identical process parameters to that of higher-throughput manufacturing machines. As a standard platform with short-lead times for quick deployment, the ergonomic design with optimized work height allows an efficient workflow for manual or semi-automated operations. Multiple units ensure quick and easy scale-up and a swift response to new test kit evolution, device development or smaller scale production.

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Produktkategorie: In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD), Dosiertechnik, Verpackungsmaschinen

FS 200 - Scale-up and Versatility

Continuing the theme of modularity and scalability from the RD06, the FS-200 has been in production since the early 2000’s and has evolved with experience and time into one of the most versatile IVD filling and sealing machines on the market for medium throughput operations. Originally designed for blood-typing ID-cards, it continues to be mainstay of the industry for blood ID-cards and increasingly DNA/RNA purification, allergy and chemical POC test kits. Indeed, it’s rotary indexing design is suited to many types of clinical chemistry, immunology or molecular diagnostic cartridges or cassettes. Dispensing modules for ul or ml volumes are standard as well as handling gels, media and other viscous products in cleanroom processes.

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Produktkategorie: In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD), Dosiertechnik, Verpackungsmaschinen

MC 1400 – High-Performance in Filling and Assembly Processes Combined

For more automated filling / sealing and assembly in the manufacture of POCT devices at higher-throughputs for e.g. molecular diagnostics, be it, single-plex, multiplex, isothermal or real-timePCR devices, the MC-1400 could be the choice platform. Regardless of whether you are processing liquids, powders or other dry bulk reagents or a combination of all of these, the MC-1400 can integrate a wide range of modules and assembly processes for IVD POC devices. The cleanroom finish and use of innovative robotics are especially suited to eliminate cross-contamination from exogenous DNA or airborne particles in multi-step filling, dispensing, sealing and assembly processes.

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Produktkategorie: In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD), Dosiertechnik, Verpackungsmaschinen

IVD reagent Kit Production

To specifically support IVD research and manufacturing operations, Zellwag have streamlined and further developed their machine platforms for the scalable manufacture of sample collection tubes (nasal, throat, saliva, faecal), ELISA reagent and PCR kits from lab-to-pilot-to-commercial scale. As standard platforms with short-lead times for quick delivery and deployment and efficient workflows for manual, semi-automated or full automation operations. The modular Zellwag Z-110 is the mainstay for the medium-scale filling and closing of RNA / DNA reagents in microtubes and many research molecular diagnostic kits such as DNA sequencing and NGS kits. Whilst the Zellwag Z-110-D is especially equipped for larger volume bottles and reagent containers for ELISA and other immunoassay reagent kit production such as IFA or buffer bottles with dropper inserts for the lateral-flow assays.

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Über uns


Rychiger profiliert sich als internationale, kundenspezifische Lösungsanbieterin für Verpackungsmaschinen in der diagnostischen und medizinaltechnischen Industrie. Unsere Anlagen für funktionale Siegellösungen und höchst präzise Dosiersysteme basieren auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung und neuster Technologie. Als zertifiziertes Unternehmen gemäss ISO 9001:2008 bilden wir die Basisstruktur für unsere Prozessabläufe, darüber hinaus bieten wir die Qualifizierungsdokumente nach GMP/cGMP an.


Anzahl der Beschäftigten 100-499
Gründungsjahr 1918