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Health Line International Corporation

5475 West 300 South, 84104 Salt Lake City, UT
Telefon +1 801 7737798
Fax +1 855 2281336

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Miranda Kane

Sales and Marketing Manager




Elliot Faulkner





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  • 05.10  Katheter / Urinableitungskatheter und Zubehör

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Katheter / Urinableitungskatheter und Zubehör

Synergy CT PICC Lines

Single, dual, triple lumen power injectable peripherally inserted central catheters intended for nurses, doctors and interventional radiologists of all experience levels. The SYNERGY CT PICC™ offers the ease and effectiveness of PICC access with power injectability, creating a SYNERGY of intravenous therapy options for healthcare practitioners.

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Produktkategorie: Katheter / Urinableitungskatheter und Zubehör

Eagle Flow Temporary Hemodialysis Catheter Kits

Non-tunneled polyurethane dialysis catheter kits in a range of lengths and kit configurations intended for acute dialysis and aphaeresis therapy

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Produktkategorie: Katheter / Urinableitungskatheter und Zubehör

Orion Central Venous Catheter Kits

The ORION™ CVC is indicated for short term (less than 30 days) access to the central venous system for intravenous administration. ORION™ is available in a variety of sizes and lengths so clinicians have the options necessary to meet the patient’s needs.

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Über uns


Our mission is to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of Vascular Access, Infusion Therapy and Infection Control products. Our lean manufacturing and supply chain processes allow us to consistently provide high quality, affordable medical devices to our global network of distributors and strategic partners. We are committed to upholding a strong quality management and regulatory system to meet the demands of an ever changing health care industry.

Promise to Patients:
Patient safety and positive outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Health Line International Corp. We strive to provide high quality affordable products that meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare providers and their patients.

Quality Management Statement
We are committed to meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products, services, and the quality management system

Company History
Health Line International Corp.'s founder, Joel Faulkner, started his entrepreneurial career in 1994 with IMSI (International Manufacturing Services, Inc.). IMSI was a provider of automotive stampings and assemblies to the Honeywell Corp for nearly 20 years. Joel eventually saw an opportunity to enter the medical device industry and did so in 2004 with the founding of Health Line International Corp. From the humble beginnings of IMSI, Health Line has grown to become a global supplier of vascular access products while maintaining our identity as a family-run company. Today, we manufacture product for many of the world's leading medical device corporations across the globe.

Our Manufacturing Facility
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Health line's facility follows cGMP, ISO 13485, CE (MDD / MDR) and MDSAP standards. Our facility is fully integrated for high speed automated assembly, with turnkey solutions including manufacturing transfer management, quality management services, supply chain management, process improvements, and cost reduction initiatives.


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